I Am A Franchisee

I am a Franchisor

Plan Evaluation

Business is much like playing chess; a right move can ensure a win while a wrong step can spoil the game. It is crucial to interpret the market situation, brand position, finances and several other parameters before taking the big leap. GrowFranchise helps you in analysing if your business is ‘franchisable’ and whether it is ‘franchise ready’.

Industry Assessment

Once you are sure of starting your franchise business the next step is going through the hundreds of thousands of franchise opportunities to find the right one. This is not only time consuming but also risky. Our experts at GrowFranchise, dig deep to find out what matters to you, what skills you possess, what type of business interests you have and what you would enjoy doing. We help you to live your passion without bearing the risk of losing your life savings. We pin down the right choice of industry that matches your experience, talents, passion, life and investment profile.

Brand assessment

Once, you have filtered the industry of your choice the next task is to find that one brand which right fits your needs and aspirations. Even this is not an easy task as the market is flooded with many franchise companies from the same industry. Our highly experienced and professionally trained consultants provide you with specific and relevant choices after examining the terms, conditions and requirements of different franchises. We also carry a thorough background check of the franchisor and get reviews of the existing franchisees to be certain of its functionality and profitability.