I Am A Franchisor

I am a Franchisee


Buying a franchise can be a viable alternative to starting your own business only when you are comfortable with the conditions posed by the franchisor. GrowFranchise helps you in deciding if franchise is the correct option for you with a simple personality test. Our consultants also discuss all the pros and cons of a franchise business which helps you in reaching a conclusive decision.


Franchising is a good option only when you precisely know the formula of your success and have a business model which is easily replicable. Depending on the nature of your business, we help you determine how franchising can really help you grow and achieve your organizational goals. Our experts work with you to sketch a business model which can be easily shared, taught and executed.

Strategy formulation

Considering the number of franchises out in the market, you need a full proof plan to make it big in the franchising business. We help you develop the ‘pitch-perfect plan’ outlining the company’s strategy and growth formula which acts in favour of both the franchisee and the franchisor. Right from ideation to execution our experts work with you to achieve the desired goals in stipulated time.

Risk assessment

The key to better decision-making is being informed about all the possible consequences of the decision. We convert the analytical data into business insights, showing you the potholes and pitfalls that you might face in the franchising business. Our crisp assessments and years of research give you a clear idea of the pros and cons of your decision.

Franchise Registration

Registering your franchise is crucial to establish ownership, protect the brand, its intellectual property and its processes. It also helps in avoiding unnecessary legal tangle. GrowFranchisee guides you through all the procedures to register your brand and protect your business interest.

Designing operations manual

Your operations manual is the DNA of your franchise system. A well-developed operations manual serves multiple purpose. It educates the franchisees, sets the business standards and highlights your organisational culture. It also acts as your “liability limiter” and is a legally binding quality control device for the entire chain.

The operations manual should include all the legal discussions along with the specific instructions. Our dedicated team works with you to design these complex and highly detailed manuals. We make sure to include every little detail whilst keeping it simple, interesting and easily understandable.

Structuring training programs

If the brand is the heart of any great franchise, training is the physical conditioning that keeps that heart beating. The most important training tool is a strong operations manual that acts as a textbook containing a detailed description of your operational processes, rules, quality control etc. You also need to develop strong training programs to ensure that the franchisees are aligned with the objectives of your business and know the processes well. GrowFranchise helps you develop formal training programs for franchisees, not only for the new ones but also for the existing ones. Our specialty lies in developing simple tools that makes it easy for the franchisee to understand each module of your business functioning.

Legal documentation

Franchising is about sharing your brainchild with your prospective partners. This demands a lot of cautions, right from choosing your partners to precisely defining your terms and conditions. Franchising involves two precisely drafted legal documents – the FDD (disclosure document) and FDA (Franchise agreement). Our astute legal team helps you in drafting these documents covering all the vulnerabilities of your business.

Franchise Marketing

To succeed as a franchisor, you must have a sharp franchise marketing plan and strategy to sell your franchises. You need to identify your prospective franchisees, offer them a great opportunity and make them interested in your concept. Creating an unmatched impression among hundreds of competitors needs skilled marketing tricks. With our decades of experience, insights, and practical knowledge we help you promote your opportunity to attract franchise prospects.

Franchising in India

With a population of more than one billion people, India offers an alluring market for the franchise business. Be it the local home-grown company or a global entrant, we help you in establishing a nationwide franchise network with our splendid network spread throughout the country.

Global Franchising

Entering the international market is every entrepreneur’s dream and our expansion consultants help you to up your game in this major league. We help you achieve international standards and our acute market knowledge helps you to place your business in the right destinations.

Franchise Operations

Success is 90% planning and 10% execution. Once, we are done with the 90%, it is important to focus on this 10% to achieve exemplary success. We help you in operating your business by assisting you in maintaining a harmonious franchisee-franchisor relationship, continual ongoing training developments, market study, competitor analysis, powerful marketing etc.