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Macro and PizzaMarket

  • QSR has been a key contribute to the Indian Growth Story, primarily driven by affordability, competitive pricing, convenience and increasing appetite for international food 
  • Dominated by MNC players that setup outlets in India in the mid 90s Current stronghold in metros and mini metros due to higher consumptions, heightened consumer awareness and exposure
  • Now rapidly filtering down to tier II and III cities
  • Competition is countered by tailored product offering in terms of flavours, pricing and services

With India set to be one of the world’s largest consumer base of young adults, the pizza market is a highly coveted prize for firms across the world. The race has an obvious front runner, Jubilant Foodworks. Jubilant has a valuation in the same range of Dominos International, and are set to be the only market outside the U.S to open 1000 stores.

U.S.Pizza: TheBrand

Having entered the market before Dominos or Pizza Hut, U.S.Pizza has cemented it’s presence in the mind-space of consumers across India, being especially strong in Western and Southern India.
Since it’s inception U.S.Pizza was about serving genuine American Deep Pan Pizza made with fresh ingredients, as well as, infusing Indian flavours to create dramatically new style of fusion pizza. Since then the brand has evolved into incorporating our world-class product into fun and enjoyable dine-in experience. All this while focusing on cost efficiency, making U.S.Pizza the most affordable authentic pizza in the market.

Outlet Types


  • SIZE – 200 – 300 sqft
  • CAPACITY – No seating / Common seating
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT – 10 – 15 Lakhs
  • LOCATION – Malls, Food Courts, Airports, Office Parks


  • SIZE – 1000 Sqft
  • CAPACITY – 40 Pax
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT – 30 -35 Lakhs
  • LOCATION – City Center, Large Malls


  • SIZE – 500 – 600 Sqft
  • CAPACITY – 15 Pax
  • MINIMUM INVESTMENT – 20 – 25 Lakhs
  • LOCATION – Main Road a



Established URL with HQ in Bangalore
Opened first owned outlet
Mr Akbar Khwaja joins the company as a promoter


Opens first franchisee store


Entered North
and Northeastern
regions by
outlets in Dehli/
NCR, Nagaland
and Assam


partner brand
Tandy’s fried
chicken with
success in the


Revamped branding &
outlet aesthetics
Steady expansion
through North and
South India
Initiated national
marketing campaign
starting with TVads on
7 channels
Launched Online
Ordering, Call Center
and SmartphoneApp
Reimagined product
and revamped service
standards through new
training team


  • Sales
    • Centralised Call Center
    • Online Ordering
    • Smartphone App
    • Central Website Management POS & Direct to System Sales
  • Training & Audit
    • Pre-launch Training & Launch team
    • Continuous refresher sessions and updates
    • Mystery Shopper Audits
  • Tie-ups
    • National tie-ups and cross branding
    • Offers to employees and customers of large corporations (Samsung, Master Card, Dish TV, Cellular, Adani and many more)
    • Popular food and delivery portals (Zomato, Food Panda, Swiggy, Tiny Owl, etc.)

Product Focus

We supply each of our franchisee’s with all their required ingredients – approximately 120 frozen & dry ingredients.

A fair number of these are proprietary flavourings, improvers and toppings that are developed and produced at exclusive factory and distributed by our partners, SDS Logistics, a publicly listed firm.

The U.S.Pizza brand prides itself on constant research and development of new products, and has enjoyed as consistent success with customers. From the ‘Desi Pizza’ Menu, to our new & improved flavoured tomato puree we are committed to capturing new markets and minds though quality product.

From manufacture to logistics to training, our back-end is the spine of our business and is present in all four corners of the Nation.



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