Top Franchises under 50K you can start today!

Going tight on budget? You can literally start your dream business with these franchises under 50k. Check out the list!

The big dream of entrepreneurship is often crushed by a crunch in the finances. Going for proprietorship might seem overwhelming. And buying a franchise can be pocket drilling. Not to forget the high stakes of risk in both!

Going for a big brand that’s well established would cost a bomb. Though it’s appealing to be in the big league of brands, even the small start-ups possess great potential.

So, if you believe in starting small and winning big, then here are some amazing franchise options that you can buy right away without straining your budget.

Top Franchises under 50k

1. Fitness Franchises under 50k

With the wave of ‘fit India’, the fitness industry has witnessed a big boom. Many innovative work-out places have cropped up in the cities. Many fitness franchises are sprawling across the country.

Because of this ever-rising demand of a good gym, the fitness franchises are worth considering. The best part is many of these fitness franchises like Zumba and aerobics start as low as 50k.

2. Preschool Franchises under 50k

With the rising population in the country, working parents and early schools, pre-schools have boomed to new heights. Pre-school franchise is an excellent small-scale business that promises great profits.

A preschool franchise comes at low investment. Most pre-schools are designed by the Franchiser. From the curriculum to the routine, everything is designed by the franchiser.

If you are willing to stretch your budget than Educational franchises like Edusense Note and Little Millennium are running successfully across the country. Small Wonders Pre-School, BrainyBear, Tinybots and Schools of excellence come under 50k.

3. Food Franchises under 50k

Food is the second most loved thing in India. And that makes it a breeding ground for food franchises. Food franchises are lucrative and there are many budding franchises that come at a low cost. Plus, the long tail of success of food franchises makes it even more attractive for businesses.

Franchises from Better Burger, Planet Popcorn are available at this budget. Going a bit lenient on the budget, Barista, Dinoos, Belgium Waffle or Samocha, each food franchise is writing a new success story!

4. Electronic security system franchise under 50k

With the rising rates of crimes in the country, the electronic security system is becoming a necessity. Be it an office, store or home everyone needs electronic security monitoring their safety. As such the electronic security system franchises are seeing a new dawn.

Alert Security Systems is one of the great choices. It is a reputed security system franchise under 50K.

5. Finance Advisers Franchise under 50k

With growing financial power comes the need for better financial expertise. And there are hardly enough institutes that are legit and trustworthy. As such the need for big brands in the financial industry is paramount.

This demand has resulted in a surge in the finance franchises. Many new finance franchises come at a lowered cost and assured assistance.

6. Kidswear Franchise under 50K

Again, with the increasing number of kids, comes the greater demand for kids wear. Also, the rising buying power and changed attitude of parents are playing major roles in driving these sales. The kids wear industry is on a roll. And having a great franchise like FirstCry or Mom&Me ensures amazing sales. But they come at a pocket drilling cost!

A little more research in this industry will unveil many budding opportunities. These hold great potential and comes at a lower cost.

7. Healthcare Franchise Under 50K

Another industry that’s growing without any qualms is the healthcare industry. Blame the sedentary life or the unhealthy food, health burden is increasing worldwide. As such, trusted healthcare brands are in demand.

Getting a franchise of a big reputed brand might cost a bomb! But there are many small brands, apps, and other services related to the healthcare sector. These come at a good cost!

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