Low cost marketing ideas (1)

7 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas Every Start-Up must know

Low cost marketing ideas (1)
Low cost marketing ideas

|Start-ups thrive on the magic of marketing.

Whether it’s the skyrocketing popularity of start-up companies like dream11, Urbanclap, zivame or oyo, they all created a buzz to make it in the biz. And most of the successful campaigns are exemplars of low-cost marketing ideas.

|Today, marketing is not an important part of the business, it is the business!

But how does start-up manage the big bills of marketing? Well, they don’t!

Marketing may seem like a pocket drilling deal. But actually, it isn’t. With some amazing low-cost marketing ideas, you can get big results without a big investment.

Marketing is a game of the brains; it is not defined by the reigns.

A mind wired in unique way, is all it takes to make the market sway.

But many make the mistake of gauging creativity against money.

Start-ups don’t have a legacy of trust to bank on. They are tight on the budget. Yet, it is the start-ups that are redefining the marketing game. With unconventional approach and smart-technology, start-ups are leading the new marketing.

Here are seven low-cost marketing ideas that every entrepreneur should know.

7 Low cost marketing ideas

1. Social Networking

There is no platform bigger than social media. There is no channel better than the access of internet.

Quirky tweets. Intriguing blogs. Stunning Insta. Professional LinkedIn. Regular FB posts. These are the best, low cost ways of making your presence marked.

Checkout WeMediaLabs’ stunning FB page for inspiration!

2. Compelling content

Content is the king of marketing! It can set your start-up on a trending blaze in no time. Sharing great content is the best way to keep your target audience engaged, updated and intrigued about your work.

Great content does two things for you. It spreads awareness about your brand. It creates a need for your products. These are the only things you need to fire up your sales!

So, do it yourself, or hire the right person to do it for you in your budget!

Check our WeMediaLabs’ blog page for tips on content creation.

3. Innovative business card

A business card may seem like a cliché, but it can still take you a long way.

Focus on innovation not only for your product but for your brand. Right from your logo to business card everything can create an impact.

So, do some research. Browse through the internet. Sort out the best designs of business cards that grabs all eyes.

Remember, it’s always hard to throw away something that looks so great. Your clients will keep your unique and inspiring business card with care.

4. Guerrilla Marketing

This is the best low-cost way of marketing in your locality. Guerrilla marketing basically means advertising your products, services or brand in public places at meagre costs. Best examples of Guerrilla marketing are graffiti, stickers, cut outs, videos, comments etc.

The more creative you get, the more impact you have. So, do some brain storming here. Or hire a great marketing agency that offers mind blowing solutions at astounding prices.

5. Reach out to influencers

Hiring a professional model might cost you a bomb. And getting a star face may be way out of league. But that does not mean your brand should miss the glam.

Go for local influencers, bloggers and vloggers. They have a real reach. They create amazing content. And the best part, they will fit your budget.

Today, the best platforms to target your marketing are youtube, Instagram, Tik tok and facebook.

6. Play with packaging

A little effort on the packaging or a handwritten note adds that personal touch to your products which spread a smile and helps you stand apart in the clutter. A start-up named SurgimedCart is doing an awesome job!

They send out personal messages wrapped in their perfect packaging. This not only wins them a brownie point over their competitors. But also shows the genuine care they have for their consumers.

7. Affiliate marketing

Getting traffic to your site can be a real game changer. Go for affiliate marketing. It’s easy. It’s cheap. And you only pay when you get the results.

Low-cost Marketing Ideas: Wrapping it up!

Smart marketing could be something as easy as showing off your product in a video or making a big billboard in the neighborhood. It all depends on tapping your target audience and hitting the dart right on the spot.

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