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Early childhood development plays a crucial role in preparing your child for the struggles of life. The Little Millennium preschool curriculum has been designed to ensure steady growth and holistic development of 2-6 year olds. This consists of several fun-filled, entertaining and knowledgeable activities that promote all-round skills development while also maintaining the elements of joy, excitement, health, good values and interaction with one another. These activities are known to bring out the best in every child.

Franchisee Details

The most important requirement for becoming our preschool franchise partner is love for kids and little ones. With this in mind, our criteria for selecting the franchise operators depend also on their passion and commitment to achieve a successful long-term business relationship with Little Millennium.

Here are the minimum requirements needed for you to become a Little Millennium franchisee:

  • Love for children and budding learners
  • Business Acumen with a long term vision in mind
  • Passion for Growth and Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Day care & Evening Activities
  • Investment Capability of Rs. 10 – 15 Lakhs
  • 1000 Sq.ft of built-up area, preferably on the ground floor in a residential locality
  • ROI of about 45 – 50%
  • Expected ROI of about 200% in 5 Years



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