Franchise Trends

5 Hot Franchise Trends to Earn Big in 2020

There hasn’t been a time, better than today for doing business.

These 5 franchise trends of 2020 will prove that!

Franchise Trends
Franchise are low-risk high return, business models. Check out these 5 hottest franchise trends to earn big in 2020.

Think about the soaring purchasing power. The ever-growing population. Increasing brand awareness. Aspirations for a better life. All these things have charged up the demands.

Let’s look at the other side. Simple business processing. Easy loan approvals. Access to business insights. Proper government support. These factors indicate the golden success of franchise in 2020.

The sparkling market of India is very well reflected in the influx of big business brands. Many brands have penetrated the Indian market in recent times. Be it the luxury of lingerie or the savor of food flavours, India is embracing the global brands in its mighty land.

Entrepreneurship earning big

Today, almost every Indian dream about entrepreneurship. Either as a full-time profession or as a part-time investment. The lucrative market lures the gutsy millennial. This has resulted in some of the most incredible brands born in India.

Indian brands are rising the ladder in every sector.

Zivame and clovia are leading the lingerie sector.

Barista is ruling the coffee world.

OnebiteIndia is bringing India together on a plate.

Zuvius is changing the fate of cancer.

SurgimedCart is redefining the supply chain of pharmaceuticals.

Samocha is rewriting the stories around chai.

RcInc is bringing the global RC car races to India

Name any sector and there is an Indian brand emerging high. Giving tough time to the global brands.

Are you thinking business?

If you too are ready to plunge into the pool of entrepreneurs, then you must check out these 5 hot franchise trends in 2020.

But why franchise?

Franchise are low-risk high return business models. In franchise, you get a proven model, business assistance, shared responsibilities and high probability of profits.

So, if you are still waiting to crack that path-breaking idea, then starting with a franchise is a great idea!

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Also, 2020 belongs to the model of franchise!

Start-ups are full-time jobs. Often moving along the lines of financial crunch. Whereas, franchises are comparatively less work. The ROI for franchises come sooner. Their proven business model, established brand name and constant guidance makes a smooth move towards success.

Along with the added advantage of easy loan and shared load, franchise brings the best balance of employment and entrepreneurship.

In 2020, a single job might not be the sufficient for survival. Plus, the fluctuating markets and insecurity of jobs, makes it even more important to have a second source of passive income.

But the trick is choosing the right franchise.

Check out these 5 hot franchise trends to earn big in 2020

5 hot franchise trends of 2020

1. 2020 Franchise Trends: A Delivery franchise

Delivery franchises are driving the wheels of businesses.

Shopping has become simpler than ever. Just click it, pay for it, and get it!

Everything gets delivered at doorstep.

This facility has emerged as a gamechanger. ‘Delivered at doorstep’ is one of the biggest sales pitches. It is the greatest convenience a consumer can ask!

U.S. Pizza. Dinnos. Mac Donalds. Amazon. Every business in town offers the facility of delivery. And the rest are sure to add it soon!

‘Home delivery’ is the word that makes or breaks a sale. Be it food or fashion, groceries or home décor, consumers want everything delivered at doorstep. Convenience is a big factor in uplifting the sales.

Being able to deliver at doorstep gives an added advantage over the competition. It boosts both online businesses as well as local shops.

It is certain that more businesses would want to add the facility of delivery.

This makes the delivery franchises the most lucrative business in the locality.

They are cheap. The are in demand. They earn big!

2. 2020 Franchise Trends: Fitness Industry

There isn’t a day that passes without coming across the word fitness. Such is the craze of this trend.

With the increased awareness about the importance of fitness and the ugly side of obesity, people are crashing the gates of the gym.

They are joining jumba and aerobics, yoga and pillates.

As such, the market is ripe to launch your fitness franchise in the locality.

Fitness franchises are popular. They are high in demand. They are not a seasonal thing. They assure quicker returns on investment.

The only thing about fitness franchise is the cost. You need check franchises that offers maximum facility in minimum budgets.

3. 2020 Franchise Trends: Healthy Eats

The fondness for food is not going away anytime soon. This makes food franchises a great option.

But beware it’s 2020!

Consumers know better about what to eat and what not to!

The awareness about right eating, nutrition and associated diseases is spreading like wildfire.

As such consumers make an effort to opt for the healthy option.

This creates a great gap for the food franchises that offers a healthy bite.

OnebiteIndia is one such franchise that offers the diverse nutrition of India served in a single plate!

If you are passionate about health and wellness then this is where you should bet your money in 2020.

4. 2020 Franchise Trends: Healthcare Industry

The need for healthcare facilities in more than ever.

Sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, chronic stress and low physical activities have spurred a cyclone of diseases.

Thus, a healthcare facility is the necessity in every locality.

Apart from owning a healthcare franchise that comes at a hefty price, you may also go for healthcare apps and other associated businesses.

LogonDr is one such app that’s going great!

If you want a business that assures sure shot returns, then this is for you!

High investment. Bigger returns. Quicker results.

5. 2020 Franchise Trends: Entertainment Franchises

Entertainment is another requirement going big!

In the mundane and stressful life, it’s the entertainment that brings the moments to relish.

Today, unconventional gaming zone and entertainment section are budding businesses.

Every mall has a gaming arena. Every resort has an entertainment section. Even most offices, colleges and houses today have this facility of entertainment.

RCInc is one such franchise that we are hooting for!

Owning an entertainment franchise is the best of all!

Low investment. High returns. Quicker results. Low maintenance.

One more hot franchise trend to look out for is the coffee culture.

This has been going strong for the past couple of years. And the demand is about to see an escalation.

Go for an established franchise like Barista and enjoy a smooth ride of entrepreneurship!

2020 franchise trends: What’s hot!

2020 is the year of franchises. Particularly in India. A place with so many consumers and such high demands.

Think about these hot franchise trends. Weigh in your skills and requirements. And pick the right franchise that fit’s you in!

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The most profitable franchises you can start in 2020

If business is on your mind then check out these most profitable franchises you can start in 2020!

No matter how secure your full-time job is, the idea of building a business is bewitching!

But the overwhelming ocean of options often shut the door of dreams.

There are many confusions that encircles the line of entrepreneurship. The bewilderment of starting a start-up or the dubiety of buying a franchise. The turmoil of choosing the industry and the tumult of pinning the location. Fixing a budget and checking eligibility. These are just the starters!

Then come the real checks of investment, loans and legalities! Starting a business is definitely no cake walk. Whether you choose to start from scratch or buy a franchise both needs proper ground work.

Though with franchise the risk is low. There is constant guidance. Franchise has a proven track record. If a business isn’t successful, then it is unlikely to be in franchising. Hence, the probability of profits in franchising is high!

Moreover, a franchise offers studies, market reports and stats. Insights that are very helpful in making a business viable. It offers promotional and advertising support too. Hence, franchise offers better scope of success and sustainability.

Reasons that make 2020 favorable for franchises –

1. The changing economy

In India, business is breeding at an astounding pace! Factors like international trade and government support are stirring the growth. People are financially capable. They are financially educated.

2. Awareness of Opportunities

Digital media has changed the game altogether. Today, every information is available at finger tips. Starting a business has become as easy as typing “The most profitable franchises you can start in 2020?”

3. Easy financial aid

Loan is easily available to entrepreneurs for buying a franchise. There are multiple financial institutions that help entrepreneurs in funding their dreams. Business loans and lines of credit help cover the costs and growth opportunities.

4. Inspiration all around

Nothing is more inspiring than a real story of rags to riches. And there are multiple people who stand to testimony the success of franchises. From Belgium Waffle to Barista, the success stories of franchise is painting the papers!

5. Empowered women

You might be wondering how this one made to the list! Many women opt for franchise business as a convenient yet challenging career option. But that’s not it! With women chipping in the finances, the load is off the men’s chest to run the mill. They too can chase their dreams as their better half take care of the bread and butter!

Finally, unveiling the list of most profitable franchises that you can start in 2020 !!

But before that, check out these 3 characters that make a franchise eligible.

  1. An affordable upfront investment,
  2. The backing of a strong reputation, and
  3. High-growth potential

Finally, here is the list of the most profitable franchises to start in 2020

1. Food Franchise

With the millennials following the foodie trend, a food franchise is sure to go strong in 2020. Two categories to hoot for are – fast food and healthy food!

The world stands divided between love for fast food and urge for healthy options. Hence, both these industries are set to see a boom. Go for a famous food franchise like U.S. Pizza, Dinnos, Barista, Begium Waffle, One Bite or Samocha.

2. Footwear Franchise

Footwear are always high on demand. No matter what season or reason! Moreover, a footwear franchise is extensively flexible. You can place it in a city or town. It works well in the mall as well as in the market areas.

Plus, there is ample of options to choose from. Athletic footwear franchises to sports shoe franchises. Casual footwear franchises to specially customized footwear franchises. There is a wide array of option in this category.

When executed effectively, a footwear franchise, more often than not, is proven to be profitable. For instance, check out relaxo footwears franchise. It has many success stories.

3. Sportswear Franchise

Sportswear has seen a tremendous growth. Owning to the changed mentality of parents, openness in embracing an alternate career and the need for fitness in children. Sports industry has grown multi-fold. And sportswear category is no different!

Check out the successful Sportswear franchises options like Puma and adidas. Skechers and speedo are also great options. There are also multiple lesser known names cropping up in this sector.

4. Apparel Wear Franchise

An apparel wear franchise comes in an array of options. From the top-names to the lesser known brands there are ample of options. Apparel section is a wide array. From kids wear to inner wears, men’s apparel to women’s apparel segment this is a sprawling section.

Because of the variety the price range also encompasses a wide bracket. From budget franchises to the fancy franchises the options are unending.

This also is a wise option because of the current market scenario. Fashion scene in India is soaring. Millennials are highly alert and aware about fashion trends. And this fashion frenzy is here to stay!

5. Furniture Franchise

Surprised? Well with the craze over beautiful interiors and amazing decors, furniture franchises are a hot deal.

The increased consumption power of people reflects in their lifestyle. They want to create a cosy space that’s stylish and functional. This has resulted in high demand in the home furnishing sector.

Plus, people love to keep changing the tempo! Hence, the exchange and sell out options offer a greater scope of buying brand new furniture.

However, the one thing to check here is the budget! Furniture is an expensive business. Specially if you want to deal in quality products. So, don’t forget to check that factor first!

6. Recruitment Franchise

Yes! There are multiple recruitment franchises that are working wonders. With increasing business growth comes the tremendous demand of right resources. Hence, the sprout in the recruitment franchise is evident.

Owning a recruitment franchise does not come with a hefty price tag. But it sure does come with ample of responsibility. Finding the right candidate for the right job is not easy. That’s why companies pay a good price to the recruitment firms.

But before checking out the available recruitment franchises, check out if you are eligible. Do you have an impressive communication skill? Are you good at assessing talents? Can you read the body language? Understand the demands of the company and needs of the employee?

If you are blessed with these skills then recruitment franchise is the best fit for you!!!

Top Franchises under 50K you can start today!

Going tight on budget? You can literally start your dream business with these franchises under 50k. Check out the list!

The big dream of entrepreneurship is often crushed by a crunch in the finances. Going for proprietorship might seem overwhelming. And buying a franchise can be pocket drilling. Not to forget the high stakes of risk in both!

Going for a big brand that’s well established would cost a bomb. Though it’s appealing to be in the big league of brands, even the small start-ups possess great potential.

So, if you believe in starting small and winning big, then here are some amazing franchise options that you can buy right away without straining your budget.

Top Franchises under 50k

1. Fitness Franchises under 50k

With the wave of ‘fit India’, the fitness industry has witnessed a big boom. Many innovative work-out places have cropped up in the cities. Many fitness franchises are sprawling across the country.

Because of this ever-rising demand of a good gym, the fitness franchises are worth considering. The best part is many of these fitness franchises like Zumba and aerobics start as low as 50k.

2. Preschool Franchises under 50k

With the rising population in the country, working parents and early schools, pre-schools have boomed to new heights. Pre-school franchise is an excellent small-scale business that promises great profits.

A preschool franchise comes at low investment. Most pre-schools are designed by the Franchiser. From the curriculum to the routine, everything is designed by the franchiser.

If you are willing to stretch your budget than Educational franchises like Edusense Note and Little Millennium are running successfully across the country. Small Wonders Pre-School, BrainyBear, Tinybots and Schools of excellence come under 50k.

3. Food Franchises under 50k

Food is the second most loved thing in India. And that makes it a breeding ground for food franchises. Food franchises are lucrative and there are many budding franchises that come at a low cost. Plus, the long tail of success of food franchises makes it even more attractive for businesses.

Franchises from Better Burger, Planet Popcorn are available at this budget. Going a bit lenient on the budget, Barista, Dinoos, Belgium Waffle or Samocha, each food franchise is writing a new success story!

4. Electronic security system franchise under 50k

With the rising rates of crimes in the country, the electronic security system is becoming a necessity. Be it an office, store or home everyone needs electronic security monitoring their safety. As such the electronic security system franchises are seeing a new dawn.

Alert Security Systems is one of the great choices. It is a reputed security system franchise under 50K.

5. Finance Advisers Franchise under 50k

With growing financial power comes the need for better financial expertise. And there are hardly enough institutes that are legit and trustworthy. As such the need for big brands in the financial industry is paramount.

This demand has resulted in a surge in the finance franchises. Many new finance franchises come at a lowered cost and assured assistance.

6. Kidswear Franchise under 50K

Again, with the increasing number of kids, comes the greater demand for kids wear. Also, the rising buying power and changed attitude of parents are playing major roles in driving these sales. The kids wear industry is on a roll. And having a great franchise like FirstCry or Mom&Me ensures amazing sales. But they come at a pocket drilling cost!

A little more research in this industry will unveil many budding opportunities. These hold great potential and comes at a lower cost.

7. Healthcare Franchise Under 50K

Another industry that’s growing without any qualms is the healthcare industry. Blame the sedentary life or the unhealthy food, health burden is increasing worldwide. As such, trusted healthcare brands are in demand.

Getting a franchise of a big reputed brand might cost a bomb! But there are many small brands, apps, and other services related to the healthcare sector. These come at a good cost!

11 Best Franchises to Buy in 2020

Check out these 11 Best Franchises that you would want to buy in 2020. But before that check out if franchise fits your needs?

Is buying a franchise the right decision for you?

Before looking out for opportunities in the franchise, make sure that the franchise model fits you. There are a few important questions that you need to ask yourself before going for the hunt.

10 Questions you need to ask

  1. Will I be able to take on the responsibilities for managing my own business? 
  2. Is the work enjoyable?
  3. Will I fit into the box? 
  4. How will I fund the franchise?
  5. Have I checked all the legal documents? 
  6. Does the franchise have a successful track record? 
  7. How long did it take to see a return on investment? 
  8. Does the franchisor provide training and support? 
  9. How is the competition in the market? 
  10. Are there any unexpected costs? 

11 Best Franchises to buy in 2020

1. Relaxo Footwear

Space Required: 600 – 1000 Sqft

Franchise Fee: 2 Lacs

Total Investment: 30 Lacs

Expected ROI: 18% sales growth

Franchise Details: Relaxo Footwear

If you are wondering about buying a footwear franchise, then Relaxo Footwear is a strong contender to consider. It is awarded as the ‘Most Trusted Brand’. Relaxo offers a stamp of trust. The faith of success. And the flexibility of space and operation.

Relaxo is the largest listed branded footwear company. It offers additional franchise support and extensive marketing investments. Relaxo offers robust operational support. With Relaxo attractive return on investment is guaranteed!

With such an amazing track record, Relaxo tops our list of 11 Best Franchises in 2020.

2. Little Millennium

Space Required: 1000 Sqft*

Franchise Fee: 2 Lacs

Total Investment: Rs. 10 – 15 Lakhs

ROI: 45 – 50%

Franchise Details: Little Millennium

What’s better than owning a preschool? Owning a preschool franchise, of course!!! Little Millennium is one of the best preschool chains in India. It is the fastest-growing chain of preschools.

It is one of the most successful models of the franchise. It offers the rare combo of high flexibility, low investment and maximum profit. Little Millennium has marked an expected ROI of about 200% in 5 Years. So, if you are hunting for something with low investment high returns profile then this is it!

3. OneBite India

Investment: 8 – 10 lacs

Franchise fee: 3.5 lacs

Area: 100–200 sq ft/ 200–1000 sq ft

Franchise Details: OneBite India

Onebite India is a food factory that offers all flavours under one roof! It is a new concept franchise that’s running strong across the country. For those with a stringent budget, this is the opportunity they won’t want to miss!

Onebite India is one of those franchises that comes with an original concept. Because of its exclusive model and unique strategies, OneBite India possesses a high probability to profitability.

4. U. S. Pizza

Investment: 10 – 15 lacs/ 30 -35 Lakhs

Franchise fee: 3.5 lacs

Area: 200 – 300 sq ft/ 1000 sq ft

Franchise details: U.S. Pizza

U.S. Pizza brings the joy of American Deep Pan Pizza made with fresh ingredients. It is a growing food franchise that comes at an affordable price. With U.S. Pizza expect constant support from franchisor, assistance on operation, and aid on promotions.

The growing love for Pizza in India lays the perfect ground for investing in a Pizza franchise. The reputed brand name and it’s comparable lower price brackets make it a more appealing choice for a pizza business in the vicinity!

5. RC Inc Events

Investment: 7 – 9 lacs

Franchise fee: 3.5 lacs

Area: 1000-1500 sq ft


Franchise details: RC Inc. Events

Whether you are a car enthusiast or race lover or just someone who gets thrilled by offbeat opportunities, RC Inc is for you! It is a RC racing and gaming franchise that’s being loved by the masses. RC Inc is a budding franchise in the cities. This has got superb potential in 2020!

Because of its unconventional model, Rc Inc has grabbed a spot in our list of 11 Best Franchises for 2020.

6. WeCanServe Magazine

Total Investment : 1,50,000/-

Franchisee Fee: Nil

ROI: 20%/commission

No office Space Required

Franchise details: WeCanServe Magazine

A growing brand in International circles is WeCanServe Magazine. It is a trusted and reputed magazine referred by doctors, hospitals, researchers, NGOs, cancer fighters and cancer survivors. WeCanServe Magazine is a great investment opportunity. It is best for those who are looking for investment with zero load and low risk.

7. Dinoo’s

Total Investment : 20-40 lakh

Franchisee Fee: 3.5 – 5 lakh

Space – 300-350 sqft/ 1000 – 1200 Sqft

Franchise details: Dinos

India is obsessed with its snacks. This makes Dinoo’s a perfect opportunity to invest. Light, healthy and Indian snacks are high on demand. That too in all seasons! A franchise of Dinoo’s means a perfect investment for passive investment.

8. Barista

Total Investment: 14-89 lakh

Franchisee Fee: 6-20 lakh

Space – 70-2000 Sqft

Franchise details: Barista

One of the oldest coffee chains in India, Barista franchise is one appealing basket for investment. Low cost investment, high generating profits and sustainable model.

The love for a scrumptious cup of coffee is unsurpassable. The community of coffee lovers is growing everyday in the country. Not just that! With Barista’s set up, it also invites a great footfall because of its warm and cosy vibe. A cool hangout place, a great dating site and a hub for celebrations, Barista tunes perfectly in every occasion.

9. The Belgian Waffle

Total Investment: 14.5-17.5 lakh

Franchisee Fee: 5-6 lakh

Space – 80-300 Sqft

ROI: 125%

Franchise Details: The Belgian Waffle

Looking for a scalable and consistent model? Then check out Belgium Waffle’s Franchise offer. Belgium Waffles are the new crush of this country. It’s scrumptious, delicious and crispy waffles are a hot selling item!

Plus, the simplicity of its operating model make life easier for the franchisees. Belgium Waffles also offers constant support and training to the partners. It is a great franchise opportunity with low investment and attractive returns.

10. Edusense Note

Total Investment : 25 lakh

ROI: 100%

Franchise Details: Edusense Note

Edusense Note as a management app ensures smooth communication between parents and teachers. This school management system allows seamless communication with every entity of an institute. One can attach files, notes, e-books, and much more in this school management app.

With the growing digitalization of education, Edusense Note seems like a perfect place to invest. With the right placement and projection, it has the potential to be a part of every academy.

11. Samocha

 Total Investment: 4.5 lakh

Franchise Fee: 1.5 lakh

Space – 150 Sqft

Franchise Details: Samocha

An emerging name in the brewing industry, Samocha is another franchise that deserves a look. This Indian café is rated among top cafes in the current city of operations.  It offers a range of healthy snacks and beverages to suit all buds.

Samocha offers a profitable model that brings returns from the first week of operations. The franchise supports staff training and quality control. It does not need expert chefs. It is one of those low effort high-income kind of opportunity!

This was a wrap for our 11 Best Franchises. For more information on these franchises, feel free to drop us a message!

What is Franchisee?

What is Franchising? The million-dollar explanation

Franchising is emerging as a popular business model across the world. As a result, most city lanes, are mushroomed with franchises! However, many are oblivious to the idea of “What is Franchising?”.

What is Franchisee?
Franchising is a business agreement between the brand(franchiser) and a party(franchisee).

There is an oozing economy, better risk appetite and ‘be your own boss’ attitude. It is less risky and does not need expert skills!!! Above all, it is a great source of passive income. All these factors are driving the franchise world by a frenzy.

For instance, RCInc, LogonDr or WeCanServeMagazine are the best franchises with least burden. As such, the thought of owning a franchise fences the mind at least once.

But the blur wisdom on franchise shatters shackles the dreams!

So, we are taking you through the basics. Here is everything you need to know about franchising!!!

In your plunge to entrepreneurship, knowledge serves as the parachute!

What is franchising?

Franchising is a business agreement between the brand(franchisor) and a party(franchisee). In this agreement, the franchisor authorizes the franchisee to distribute or sell the brand’s products/services.

In addition, the franchisee can use the brand name. They can leverage the business model for a specified time in a specified location.

What is franchising?
Franchising is basically a business relationship between the franchisee and franchisor

In conclusion, franchising is a great strategy for expanding the business. The franchisor provides training, equipment, ingredients, and marketing support to the franchisee. The franchisee in return pays a royalty. They might even have a profit-sharing arrangement.

Franchising is basically a business relationship between the franchisee and franchisor

Understanding the franchising terms

  • License – The license allows the franchisee to use the franchiser’s trademark.
  • Policies – The franchisor lays down the policies that the franchisee must follow. These policies declare all details about the mode of conducting business.
  • Marketing support – The franchisee receives continuous support for marketing.
  • Training – The franchisor extends complete training and assistance to the franchisee.
  • Royalty – The franchisee uses a proven business model and the goodwill of the brand. For this, the franchisee pays a royalty or license fee to the franchiser.

Functioning of Franchise

  1. The franchisee acquires the franchise by paying initial start-up. There might also be an annual licensing fee. Check out the important questions you need to answer before buying a franchise.
  2. The franchisor provides assistance to the franchisee in the initial set-up. They also offer training and assistance at regular intervals.
  3. Once both the parties come to an agreement, they sign the contract.
  4. The franchisor authorizes the franchisee to use its intellectual properties for business purpose. These include patents, processes, goodwill and trademarks
  5. The franchisee may sell the franchisor’s products or services by operating as a branch of the parent company. Or it may sell the franchisor’s products under its own business venture.
  6. There is no restriction on the number of franchisees a franchisor can have. The franchisor may grant franchising rights to one or several firms.
  7. The franchisor supplies its products, services, training, brand name and trade secrets to the franchise. It also provides training and assistance. Both the parties work together for the success of the franchise.
  8. In return of these leverages, the franchisee pays a royalty to the franchisor. In some set-ups, they may even have to share a part of the profits.
  9. The franchise agreement is signed for a specified period. The franchisee is allowed to use the business know-how and brand name only for that period.
  10. The agreement can be renewed further after the specified period.

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5 Perks of Franchising

  1. Franchising allows franchiser to expand the business with minimum capital and risk.
  2. It builds up streams of passive income for the franchisor.
  3. It increases the reach and popularity of a brand.
  4. The franchisee enjoys the goodwill of an established brand.
  5. The franchisee also gets proper assistance and training that mitigates risks.

Franchising is a comparatively simple concept. But it still needs the expertise to gauge the market potentials and understand the technicalities. Getting in touch with a reputed franchise consultant can give you best assistance and support in finding the right franchise fit!